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We are a strategic design company that helps people live better and work smarter.

Technology and business are becoming more complex. Bethzoe humanizes products, services and experiences through deep research, insights and design strategies.


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In 2009, we set out to start a business that would use design to improve people’s lives. Today we have grown to serve over 800 clients with solutions that have either helped improve their lives or help their business thrive. In some cases, it did both. We’ve helped small businesses, universities and even large organizations like UNIDO build sustainable solutions to help them reach their goals.

We have grown our team as business has become diversified. We launched innovative platforms, redefined customer experience and set new benchmarks all while maintaining our intial goal of making people’s lives better and helping businesses thrive simply.

We’re not everywhere but can be anywhere
Our team is globally distributed and can be found on almost every continent.

In today’s day and age there’s no need for your digital team to be sitting down the block from you. We’re experienced remote workers with highly effective means of managing accountability.

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